Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have been a little dormant of late...have been hiking in the SE of Queensland on my available days off and would share with you some of the most beautiful sights...

Took a trip to the coast and overnighted after visiting Fingal for the first time, the most beautiful, awesome and stunning place....

The Fisherman
I have manipulated this into an art piece as loved the scene and the colours with the weak sunlight forcing through intermittently were breathtaking

This is four images blended together but all taken from the same spot at different time exposures, the sharp stars, the sharp crescent moon, the lighthouse which I light painted with a torch, and the rays which were taken from another lighthouse.

This is another of my fantasy pieces from an original photograph taken at Fingal, I was thinking of where the elves sailed to when leaving the Middle World.

This is a long exposure in the dark with the imminent sunrise and the moonglow on the water, here I took two images, the longer image as you can see from the longer star trails and a short sharp shot of the moon which I blended over the moon from the original shot which because of its length was quite blurry.  A magic place

I caught this shot as I was moving so the figure on the rocks is a little blurred.  I could not believe this surfer was jumping off these rocks into the quite huge swells, he timed his jump to perfection and made it out into the early oceas where the break was north east of this rock.  Awesome

The gull enjoying the early morning warm sun on a cold cold morning.

I then travelled to Byron and caught the sunset at Byron

This was a long exposure taken after the sun just dipped beyond the horizon and because it was long the wave action turned into a smooth misty effect.  A ghostly surfer can be seen to the far left upper right hand corner of the image.  A group of European backbackers were sitting on the beach enjoying the ambience and spotted a group of dolphins off shore and one of them raced into the water to go swim with them.  The dolphins raced back and forwards looking at him as he desperately tried to join in and seemed to be having a great time at his expense.

Sunsets and Sunrises of Late

Fingal Head early morning titled The Fisherman

On the Hill up the Road, Crows Nest, Queensland

Wategos Beach, Byron Bay

Fingal Head, Byron Bay, N.S.W.